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3 Day Quote Challenge.

Here is the third of

my 3 (Mon)Day Quotes.


In the late 60s early 70s every Sunday night

there was a pontoon game

(you may call it black jack, 21), or any other name.

However the basic strategy was the same.

The game alternated between our house

and some family friends.

We played for high stakes.

Each household had a jar of two-cent pieces.

Each player was allowed sixty cents of this money,

which was returned to said jar at the end of the night.

We played hard, enforced rules, made new ones

and argued incessantly.

When at our friends house the lady of the house

came out into her kitchen around 10 PM

to make us supper.

If chaos and mayhem were not in charge

we were having a quiet night.

Phyll always seemed to quell any noise with this quote: 

It took me years to actually see what she meant by this

and since marrying MGW it has been used

on many occasion.

Although it has now been shortened to

‘…blind men and galloping horses…’  

We both  know what we mean and

I always remember a dear family friend.

  For anyone who is wondering…the background image is 

Geelong’s Corio Bay.

Book Review-Kraken-Rising

Kraken Rising

(Alex Hunter #6)

Greig Beck


I once read an author’s review of his book, set in Antarctica, in which he stated that a continent largely unexplored could be the setting for all manner of books.  It may have been Alex Hunter’s first visit to the Antarctic continent.  I do not remember.

Kraken Rising has been sitting on my reading list for some time now and I am not sure why I did not read it at an earlier date.  Kraken Rising has all the pace and intrigue as any of Greg Beck’s previous books.

With the world on the brink of nuclear war it is up to Arcadian and his team to save the day.  And it is not only the world Arcadian is trying to save this time round, it is also the mother of his son who has been sent to Antarctica find Arcadian who is of prime concern.

Likening the monster to modern day animal was a stroke of genius and I don’t think I will ever go near the beach again.  Cephalopods, at least the octopus, do have a beak and when this monster’s beak came chasing our heroes…well, just close your eyes and imagine.

Throw in reports of missing ships, boats and sailors in Australia’s Bass Strait, a Strait which has never been more than a forty-minute drive from home, and we have enough facts to substantiate another great plot.


I think

Kraken Rising

 Image result for Kraken Rising

is a


In 2017,

Goodreads readers have rated

Kraken Rising

 an average of 4.24 stars from

531 ratings and 54 reviews.

I am also surprised that so few have bothered

to rate and review this novel.


Kraken Rising

can be purchased on-line at

FishpondBooktopia, and Amazon