Weekly Photo Challenge-Experimental



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Recently we had a short, sharp downpour of ‘big’ rain.

It lasted long enough to find a camera

and take a few shots with different shutter speeds.

This is the ‘Out Of The Camera Shot’.

No editing.

This is the result after straightening, sharpening,

cropping, inverting colours and darkening a tad

Both the above are the same shot…

with a 1/80 shutter speed.

A few frames later at a 1/40 shutter speed,

with Picasa’s preset heat map applied,

sharpened to within an inch of its life

in Irfanview (I think) and this is the result.

The large red colouring in the centre

can only be put down to some large drops

falling  close to the camera.

Although MGW does not like the last image, I do.

Although I may try to it again

with different colours




8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Experimental

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