Week 113


Smoke is created by burning material…

be that wood or a man-made compound.

 A few years ago we lived through this for several days…

as fires in central Victoria sent their smoke

all over the state.

I don’t know what would be worse…flood or fire.

I would imagine that some precious objects

may survive a flood.


However, fire has no friends and takes no prisoners.


Pic and Word Challenge: Smoke

7 thoughts on “Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk113_Smoke

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  2. I love the expression “Fire has no friends and takes no prisoners.” Too true. Smoke, on the other hand, has no friends and makes everyone a prisoner. :/

    Australia is the only other country I’ve been and experienced some wildfire — though down there it’s called bushfire. We drove through a couple smaller fires, but never encountered the pervasive smoke you’ve photographed here. It’s quite something to be tens or hundreds of kilometers from the source and yet be smothered in the smoke. Uniquely depressing for me.

    Now, as for India. The smoke was as dense and pervasive. But the fires were man-made. Farmers raise several crops per year, and after each harvest they burn back the fields to prepare for the next season’s crop. The government officially asks them not to, but there’s no political will to bring a stop to the practice. Because of this, India is surpassing China in the percentage of premature deaths due to air pollution.

    That second photograph, of the fence and field, reminds me greatly of photographs I took from the train travelling from Delhi to Agra on my way to see the Taj Mahal.


    • Must be honest i was glad to see he wind, or weather, change. That smoke even smelled dirty. The stubble burns to which you refer are still going on around her which is surprising as back in the 90s there was a push not to burn stubble here also.

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