Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Letter-L


My contribution for

this week’s challenge


(Needs to have at least two syllables)

Next week I will read instructions first!

Lions, lights and lamps do not fit.
But Geelong’s Laneway art,  does.


So does Melbourne’s Laneway art.

A Leopard is good.


Along with a Leemur at Melbourne’s Zoo.


Although the foreground is what I know as fog grass,

not very nutritious for livestock and a bit of a weed,

it still does form part of the

Moorabool Valley roadside landscape.


Travel Theme-Branches




Travel Theme.

A blogger told me this was a

Ginko tree/leaves a few months ago.

I hope my memory is serving me well.

Eucalyptus trees capturing the morning sun.


I think the bird is a darter on these dead branches.

Colours have been inverted in Picasa

to create a negative effect.

Unfortunately those in power, in their wisdom

decided to cut down these Sugar Gums.

Instead of this view there are now

 many tiny tree guards protecting whatever

has since been planted.

I just love these big old trees.

And so livestock on a sunny day.


Where’s My Backpack: Branches