Week 112


A baby giraffe…

definitely in a state of repose.

The heat was too much for this little one.

He began to settle down

among the family group…

finally stretching out completely,

surrounded by guardians

of various ages.


Pic and Word Challenge: Repose

9 thoughts on “Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk112_Repose

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    • Glad you are enjoying. If you ever go, look for Imagine Africa 4×4 Safaris and Sausage Tree Safari Camp. They cater for small groups ans very personalized service. As for number of photos you are close. 2013 was to be our first and last safari. Nearing the end I heard a fellow traveller state that he had taken a lot of photos, nearly 800. Fortunately he was not talking to me…I was averaging that many, per day. In the digital age I firmly believe in too many is better than not enough. And with wildlife it is much better to take too many.


      • I met a landscape photographer recently who said once he’s decided on a location for a shot he allows himself just four exposures. “If I can’t get it in four, I’ll never get it.”

        I come somewhere in the middle of you two,. =) I’ll easily knock off a dozen or two exposures on a single frame. More if I’m shooting under challenging lighting or action conditions. For wildlife and street photography? A lot more than that.

        But the only time I’ve approached 800 captures was while bracketing for HDR. Three exposures/shot adds up pretty quick.

        Then again, I haven’t been on a safari. I can imagine 800 wouldn’t be extreme. =)


      • I suppose 4 shots would limit your post choice. However, I find that different moods can be capture by changing camera settings…hence more shots. With African wildlife it was to be a once only trip. Turned into two and now the third is being planned. I have three bird shots which would never have been captured unless the shutter was being held down. our meet with the 6 week old lion cubs used around 300 shots in about 20 minutes. They were always moving. Mum was about 30 metres away. Then the kids decided to come and gawk at the tourists from about 20 feet away. Pure magic. The following year we were always one day behind the lions in any district we visited. But we did sight around 1,000 elephants in a migratory walk one day. The number was the guides estimation. They have never seen anything like it. We drove several kilometres and all we sighted was elephant families. Equally as fascinating as the lion cubs.

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