Week 112


A baby giraffe…

definitely in a state of repose.

The heat was too much for this little one.

He began to settle down

among the family group…

finally stretching out completely,

surrounded by guardians

of various ages.


Pic and Word Challenge: Repose



A sure sign that summer has arrived,

is the Ferris Wheel on Geelong’s Foreshore.

A few days ago construction still had not begun

so I assume summer is a few weeks away.


 January 4th, 2013 at Lochard Gorge.

Bitumen in the car park was melting

and after climbing down the steps to the sand

all I wanted to do was walk over to the shade,

and there seemed to be twice as many steps

back up to car park level.

The temperature was 44 degrees Celsius, that day.


A few days later snapped this photo

of my Canadian friends with a top layer on.

I was still in shorts.


Weekly Weather: Summer

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