Jo’s Monday Walk


Australian Windmill Site
Bapaume  Rd, near Pozières, France 


The Tank Corps Memorial

is the

Australian Windmill Memorial Site

Last week I finished up with a glance

across the road from the Tank Memorial

to the Australian Windmill Memorial.


At this site, in seven weeks of fighting

there were 23,000 Australian casualties

of which nearly 7,000 died.

On this bench seat Charles Bean, who recommended

the  Australian War Memorial acquire the site,

states that the Windmill Site

marks a ridge more densely sown

with Australian sacrifice than

any other place on earth.


Today it is just a small ridge where a windmill once stood.


in the middle of farming land.

However it will, is, being developed as a memorial site.

The Windmill Memorial is also…

 within site of Pozières, to the left and

Courcelette to the right.

I make mention of these two towns as they are

linked to my Grandfather’s World War I exploits.

The diary extract, posted here, relates what

could be described as bravery, foolishness or

not following orders occurred around here.


 As mentioned earlier this site is still being developed.

Just below the horizon you can just make out

a series of crosses in the ground.

These crosses roughly point towards the

Courcelette British Cemetery

 A little more obvious in this picture these crosses

are laid out in the shape of the Rising Sun.

The Courcelette Cemetery is also slightly

more discernible in this shot.

Find the long row of trees near the right horizon,

then just below, in front of the left end of this row

are a few more trees, which , I believe, is

the Courcelette British Cemetery

based on an image on this site Great site.

 That is the Australian Rising sun

depicted in relief here…

 an again on this water tower.

The Rising Sun badge is used to hold up

the side of the slouch hats which all

Australians Soldiers wear.

Will fix links in the morning Jo



Jo’s Monday Walk

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  2. I’ve not linked you this week, Woolly, because I already have 3 of your walks in. I’m having quite a few connectivity issues here in the Algarve but I hope to put another walk up next week and include yours. Thanks a lot! Have a happy week 🙂 🙂


    • Not sure of you are referring to WoollyMuses post or RestlessJo blog, Bushboy. If WoollyMuses blog, then you are welcome. It is also where my Grandfather served during World War I, so part of my history also. 😊

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