Last week

Yvette of Priorhouse blog

asked me to join

Karen’s (mytrainofthoughtson blog)

3 Day Quote Challenge.

At first I thought it would be a challenge to

come up with 3 quotes that have

rolled around my head during my life.

But not so hard after all.

So here goes….the first of

my 3 (Mon)Day Quotes.


My first quote can be attributed to a shearer

I used to work with many years ago.

 Often a piece of machinery

would require a minor repair.

After hitting his knuckles a few times

Noel would say:

This comment always drew a chuckle

from all within earshot.

However, the more years that pass by

the more I think Noel was right

‘on the money.’

Many factory made objects are

very difficult to repair on the job especially

without the help of factory resources

which assembled them.

For anyone who is wondering…the background image is 

Geelong’s Corio Bay.

3 thoughts on “3-Day-Quote-Challenge_Day-1

  1. well how cool that you took the quote challenge and thought of personal quotes. Woolly – this was such a clever idea and brought us originality, fresh phrases – and we get to know more about you.
    Now I wish I would have used personal quotes – maybe I can do a round sometime…. hm – well you have me thinking.
    anyhow, I think Noel was on the money too!!!


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