Daily Prompt-Neighbours



Every now and again our neighbour, Scooter,

comes over and enjoys

the early morning sun.

This does tend to upset Taji and Candi

(young Labrador and Kelpie respectively),

however, our two have no qualms about

spending time in Scooter’s backyard.





This was a tough challenge to find photos for.

Our twelve-year-old wrestles Maggie

to within an inch of her life.

Would be an appropriate caption be.

Is that all you’ve got?

Misty was a rescue cat.


Soxie in his younger, vicious, nasty cat days.

I’m not a cat person if you haven’t guessed.


Finally, Ginger in her favourite spot on my ute.

Like her father, Brandy, it didn’t matter

what was on the back they would

find a spot and sit and

wait for me.


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