November Words

Two dormant pups.

       I think salubrious would be

a great adjective to describe

the Burj Al Arab.

       An earmarked rhinoceros.


Schönbrunn Palace was certainly owned by influential people of the era.

      A fun-loving… 

Red Headed Weaver from our

Botswana travels.


Thursday’s Special: November-Words

3 thoughts on “THURSDAY’S SPECIAL-November-Words

  1. Hello Woolly 🙂 Your Red Headed Weaver is not only fun-loving, but fun to watch. Impressive examples and interpretation. I did not expect sky-scraper for salubrious 🙂 Thank you for joining in. I am so glad you did.


    • Thank you Paula. The Weavers are gorgeous birds and the sky scraper…I thought it fitted the ‘high class pleasant, agreeable, nice, select, upmarket, high-class, fashionable, expensive, luxurious, grand, fancy’ definitions of salubrious. Seeing as I posted interior shots for Gold early in the week, or last week, I went with the exterior this post.


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