Week 111


My first thoughts of gold were of the…


Burj Al Arab.

We were expecting something special when

we visited this 7 star hotel.

However, we did not expect the views and

service we personalised received.

And this was all prior to arriving

at our destination, the 

Sky View Bar.

Our first drink was served with

floating gold flakes.

Something all visitors to Dubai

should experience.


Pic and Word Challenge: Gold

11 thoughts on “Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk111_Gold

  1. Such a deliriously extravagant display of wealth — and the power that implies.

    I wonder if the experience is somewhat similar to entering the Vatican’s Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome, with its magnificent vaulted space, its Michelangelos and all that gold. A place whose value cannot be imagined in dollars.

    What’s it like to drink a cup of gold? =)


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