Book Review-Deadly-Obsession

Deadly Obsession


Karen M. Davis


Deadly Obsession is the second novel in the Lexie Rogers series by Karen Davis.  As indicated its central character is Lexie Rogers a young Sydney homicide detective who has several broken relationships and work related wounds from which she is recovering.

With the discovery of a body on nearby beach she finds that many of the indicators are pointing to her ex-husband, a paramedic.  Further investigation reveals that another friend and another young girl have also died in a similar fashion.  Is there a connection?

A red rose is common to all murders along with the fact that they had all come into contact with a handsome emergency room doctor at hospitals in the area where their bodies were found.

Lexie’s current best friend and a former best fiend also feature, to varying degrees, in the plot.

Although this is the second of the Lexie Rogers series, it is quite readable as a standalone novel as very little mention is made of her history and only time will tell if Deadly Obsession is a true sequel.

I have downloaded books one and three of the Lexie Rogers series and hope they will be as enjoyable as Deadly Obsession.

My fingers are tightly crossed as, this year, I have selected some real dud books and it was a pleasure to finally find a book that was totally engrossing.  Also, a book to which I was able to listen while driving and more importantly…follow the plot.

Although with crime novels it is always a case of character introduction, crime committed, investigation, leads to suspect, followed by a twist or two, and resolution…usually happy.  In other words not that hard to follow.

Before finishing I must also commend Kate Hosking’s narration of Deadly Obsession.  It was a pleasure to listen to her voice and I look forward to listening to more of Kate’s work and also more of Karen Davis’ novels.



Deadly Obsession

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Deadly Obsession

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Deadly Obsession

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