Week 110


My first rocks are from South Africa.

I often wonder how these rocks managed

to erode to this shape.

The small one, on top, would not

look out of place among

the Northern Territory’s Devils Marbles.


South Africa’s rocks almost always

were hiding something worthwhile viewing.

Back home again.

I have already posted these rocks this week.

Hard to believe that many years ago I almost ran,

bouncing barefoot from rock to rock,

up the track leading to the top.


Pic and Word Challenge: Rock

7 thoughts on “Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk110_Rock

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      • I looked it up after visiting Devils Marbles. They fascinated me so, I had to know how they got that way.

        I see other examples, from time to time, but none so striking as those marbles in the middle of the Simpson Desert. =)


      • Yes the Marbles are a sight to be seen and not forgotten. We were in awe of one about 12-15 feet in diameter and appeared to have been cut in half with a knife. Fluctuations in temperature I believe we were told was the cause. Was April 1975 so memory be slightly askew. 🙂

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      • Yes. I was there 20 years later, in 1994. If I recall correctly, when lava quickly cools it forms a crystalline structure in the granite. The crystals are large blocks. Geological stresses and weather can force the crystals to separate, cleaving the rock as if a cleaver through soft butter. Pretty cool results! =)


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