Black and White Challenge:



A Farm Related post….yeeeesssss!

 The most recent of my photos is this one

taken in March this year.

Dad’s empty hay shed.


Some excess rolls of hay I had one year.


Sheep…not mine.

 Cattle…definitely not mine.

The Master (Brandy) and The Apprentice (Zoey).

 Brandy ‘lived’  on the back of my ute and

knew exactly where the kitchen window was.

My old wool shed and farm buildings.

Not a good photo but memories of our last shearing.

Our last bales of wool to be pressed.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Farm-Related



15 thoughts on “Cee-BW-Challenge-Farm-Related

    • That’s a 2004/5 photo Yvonne, so memory a bit hazy, however I suspect that somewhere between 50 and 80 c/kg would a fair guesstimate. And if it went to the wool firm, for auction, 50% of proceeds lost in selling costs. A private sale would be around the 40 c/kg mark. That bale would be close to, or maybe slightly over 200 kg. A lot of work for little return.😊 Note the different brand…it was the boys first and only wool sale I believe. I, on the other hand spent many years drying, pressing and selling dags for pocket money. Oh! How times change. I still believe there is a generation who do not know what hard work is, and do not value the job they have. Whereas I loved paid employment, young ones get so bored with their job…so easily.

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