Hope your hand is better Paula and

hope you don’t mind me posting.

I often wondered why Number 1 Son was such

 a creature of routine…and I think I know why!

On Wednesday,

MGW and I were heading into a Geelong

Macca’s for coffee during the week

when we spied Zak.

Zak was a lovely, patient dog (as comes with age)

and waited with his owner while children played.

Both owner and Zak were kind enough

to let me take (and publish) their photo.


Thursday’s Special: A-Stranger’s-Pet

3 thoughts on “THURSDAY’S SPECIAL-A-Stranger’s-Pet

  1. 🙂 I am delighted that you posted, Woolly, and sorry that I haven’t seen it sooner. What a looker Zak is! Wow! I really love this post. Thank you so much.


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