Week 111


My first thoughts of gold were of the…


Burj Al Arab.

We were expecting something special when

we visited this 7 star hotel.

However, we did not expect the views and

service we personalised received.

And this was all prior to arriving

at our destination, the 

Sky View Bar.

Our first drink was served with

floating gold flakes.

Something all visitors to Dubai

should experience.


Pic and Word Challenge: Gold



Spring sees many plants in bloom…

and although a re-post

this Golden Robinia is one of them.

Glad I did take a couple of shots of it,

because it is not looking as good as this

after today’s strong winds.

Another beauty of spring is the

sudden downpour of rain.

These shots were taken about ten days ago when…


we had one such heavy downpour.

I had time to grad a camera and take

a few shots with slower shutter speeds.

The effects are from  Picasa 3 presets.


Weekly Weather: Spring

Book Review-Deadly-Obsession

Deadly Obsession


Karen M. Davis


Deadly Obsession is the second novel in the Lexie Rogers series by Karen Davis.  As indicated its central character is Lexie Rogers a young Sydney homicide detective who has several broken relationships and work related wounds from which she is recovering.

With the discovery of a body on nearby beach she finds that many of the indicators are pointing to her ex-husband, a paramedic.  Further investigation reveals that another friend and another young girl have also died in a similar fashion.  Is there a connection?

A red rose is common to all murders along with the fact that they had all come into contact with a handsome emergency room doctor at hospitals in the area where their bodies were found.

Lexie’s current best friend and a former best fiend also feature, to varying degrees, in the plot.

Although this is the second of the Lexie Rogers series, it is quite readable as a standalone novel as very little mention is made of her history and only time will tell if Deadly Obsession is a true sequel.

I have downloaded books one and three of the Lexie Rogers series and hope they will be as enjoyable as Deadly Obsession.

My fingers are tightly crossed as, this year, I have selected some real dud books and it was a pleasure to finally find a book that was totally engrossing.  Also, a book to which I was able to listen while driving and more importantly…follow the plot.

Although with crime novels it is always a case of character introduction, crime committed, investigation, leads to suspect, followed by a twist or two, and resolution…usually happy.  In other words not that hard to follow.

Before finishing I must also commend Kate Hosking’s narration of Deadly Obsession.  It was a pleasure to listen to her voice and I look forward to listening to more of Kate’s work and also more of Karen Davis’ novels.



Deadly Obsession

 Image result for Deadly Obsession karen m davis

as a


Goodreads readers have rated

Deadly Obsession

an average of 4.01 stars from 72 ratings and 22 reviews

Deadly Obsession

can be purchased on-line at

FishpondBooktopia and Amazon


Travel Theme-Windy




 Travel Theme.

First old photos of the surf…

at Torquay.


Wind also creating a good spray on these waves.


Taken in October 2016, the wind creates

grass waves in paddocks this time of year.

One of my favourite sites.

Photo darkened to enhance the waves.


Where’s My Backpack: Windy





Jo’s Monday Walk


Tank Monument
On the road to Bapaume, near Pozières, France 


The Tank Corps Memorial

This Memorial  commemorates…


the first time tanks were used in battle in World War I.

Again surrounded by peaceful farm land it is difficult

to imagine the many sacrifices made on this battle field.

The memorial covers 1916 to 1918 inclusive…

and depicts various types of tanks…

used during…

The Great War.

A quick  look on Google…

appears to reveal that…

these tanks were all British Army tanks.


One final photo and noting that…


the surrounding fence was made from tank parts,

then we were off across the road to

the Windmill Memorial.



Jo’s Monday Walk



Many stone fences like this

where I spent most of my life.We were in the middle of a volcanic area

and associated lava flows.

Rock piles made by tourists at a river mouth

down on the coast.


Looks a bit like a sandstone shed of days gone by.


A church in  Fremantle.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Bricks-Stone



Daily Prompt-Trademark



 A day or two ago I noticed that

the Daily Prompt was


I immediately thought of my own

trade mark when woolclassing.

Any bale of wool with the

letters AW (Australian woolclasser),

a year 93 (in this case),

a map of Australia and the numbers

760093, stenciled on it was prepared by me.

Perhaps not the purest form of ‘Trademark’,

however, those numbers represented

work undertaken and or supervised by me.

No-one else could use my stencil, registration

or trademark if you will.





A sure sign that winter has arrived,

or is just around the corner, is….

when our helleborus (winter roses)

are in bloom.

Another thing we hope we get plenty of

during winter is rain.

All the rivers run and Hopkins Falls,

on the Hopkins river, near Warrnambool

looks like it did in August 2016.


Weekly Weather: Winter

Weekly Weather