THURSDAY’S SPECIAL-Traces-of-the-Past

While in Rome we viewed and…visited many traces of the past.

The Colosseum was one, if not the main,

historical site I wanted to visit.

it was easy to envision gladiators

and Romans strolling around

the Colosseum’s before the games began.


The most fascinating fact, we were told,

is that these pavers are the original pavers,

set in place over nineteen hundred years ago.


Thursday’s Special: Traces-of-the-Past

10 thoughts on “THURSDAY’S SPECIAL-Traces-of-the-Past

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    • Just make sure you have plenty of time w hen you do. The only thing wrong with our trip was that we felt a bit rushed everywhere we went/visited. Would have loved to have wandered around inside more, but we had to say with our guide…. And yes it is an amazing place to visit. Although we were blown away by most of the things we visited/viewed simply because of either the opulence or the age of the ‘attraction’….whatever it was. Considering it is only 247 years since Captain Cook paid his first visit and about 229 years since First Fleet arrived our old building s are comparatively ‘babies’. 🙂 🙂 🙂


      • I don’t think our ‘older’ bit of the world has learnt much for all its extra years, Woolly. We are much shorter on wisdom than we are on beauty and history. Time’s always the enemy when you travel. We’re planning a couple of days in Lisbon soon and I know in my heart it isn’t enough, but I’ll be grateful for whatever I have. 🙂 🙂


      • I always look back to my 1976 trip to Canada via GB. After doing the Youth Hostel hing for a week or two I spent a week in London taking in all the shows I wanted to see, visited Museums, the planetarium, strolled along and through Hyde Park paused to listen speakers corner. Seemed we tried to pack in too much in such a short time wherever we were last year. Only began to relax upon arriving in Dubai.

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      • Yes there are times when I think the 50s – 60s or earlier was the time to e around. People are getting angrier each day over very little in most cases. Life was a lot slower then. We took a whole day to dive to Melbourne. Improved roads and cars soon meant that one rose early and drove the 300 miles to Melbourne then turned around a came home the same day. Now were are living in an age where travel to England is no longer 6 weeks by boat as my grade 5 teacher told us, but sort of an overnight trip…not quite…in a thin metal tube. Like you we were very grateful to have a safe journey and for the sights and place we saw and visited.

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