One Word Photo Challenge-Journey






Whenever we…
have travelled…

across international borders…

a passport has been required.

However, if you are an…

African elephant…

 all you need do is find that shallow part of the river…

and you can walk from Botswana to Namibia

to complete your journey.


It can become a bit of a hazard…

if your legs are short.

These photos are a compilation…

of two river crossing we sighted…

while in Botswana.

It was interesting to watch the leader…

change course in mid stream and I can only assume

it/they were following the shallowest path.

Equally amazing…

was watching the older elephants…

take care of the very little in the family…

ensuring they also had a safe crossing.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Journey


6 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge-Journey

    • During our first trip to Africa I heard one of our travellers comment that he had taken 800 photos for he entire 16 days. I had averaged that each day. I wanted to have plenty of reminders as I had not planned to return in under a year and we have plans, only plans, for another and possibly our last long haul flight, to return in 2020.

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      • When we lived there (in Johannesburg, so wildlife photography was also limited to holidays) there weren’t digital cameras yet and developing and printing was not cheap then in South Africa – and I’m not even mentioning the wonderful possibility of seeing immidiately whether the photo you took worked (at least, to some extent). Hundreds of photos in one day – yes, easily done today- 😉


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