Week 105


About four years ago we awoke to find….

the hills and mountains around Mt Sheba Lodge…

in South Africa, covered in a veil of mist, or fog.


However, that fog was not a patch one the one

which shrouded Geelong’s…

Queen’s Park Golf Course

in early August 2017.


Pic and Word Challenge: Veil

5 thoughts on “Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk105_Veil

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  2. Nicely captured. =)

    <smile> Fog is a seasonal event here in Vancouver. During the late fall and early winter, the city can lie under a blanket of it, often lasting several days. From the mountains and some few buildings tall enough to pierce it, the sight can be spectacular. But for those smothered below, it can be quite oppressive, There’s so little daylight at that time of the year as it is, the sun setting before 5PM.

    I suppose the fog comes to us, here, like the rain, as a weather pattern so familiar as to become almost mundane. Still, my travels through some of the world’s most arid places is an ungentle reminder of how remarkable weather really is, no matter how often it is experienced.


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