One Word Photo Challenge-Jewellery







Some ‘jewels’ on a foggy morning.

Back in the day, the term ‘crown jewels’

had a slightly different meaning.

 Let’s just say the wearer of this suit of armour

was having his ‘crown jewels’ well protected.

Perhaps even…boasting..a lot.


 Finishing on a serious note.

This jewellery was ready for sale

at the Arras Sunday market.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Jewellery




Week 104


Another hard challenge this week.

An ice rink in Melbourne.

 The first and only time I have seen it was in July 2015.


This is the sort of ice I usually see.

No more than a heavy frost.


During our second winter here I found this

horizontal icicle stretching from the roof

across to the outside edge of the spouting/gutter.


Pic and Word Challenge: Ice