Recreation varies from person to person.

I used to think of this as recreation when in my late teens, early twenties. 

Cycling can be a sport or recreational.

For me, it was always recreational.


Our safari guide had his own form

of recreational activity.

The twenty-minute power nap!

I managed to capture a couple of half decent photos…

of this sport/recreational activity at Torquay…

during a morning in which I was

pursuing my own recreational activity.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Recreation


2 thoughts on “A-Photo-a-Week-Challenge-Recreation

  1. Fantastic photos! Nice shots of the surfer. I’m always about 1/2 second too late for those. 🙂 I think I agree with your safari guide on a nice recreational activity. 😉 Thanks for joining the challenge!


    • Not my best surfing shots I’m afraid Nancy, but thank you. Didn’t have time to set up my tripod. I just hold the button down and follow. It’s a bit like throwing a ball at a bulls eye…you’re bound to hit the target occasionally.

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