My five words.

From its vantage point high up in the tree

koalas can see all that is going on below.


I must confess to total ignorance of this word.

I hope these branches/trunk divisions

are an acceptable example of it.

While I get totally frustrated with

young kelpies and Labradors barking

and chasing passers by and their dogs,

this week I was reminded of what

Maggie thought of intruders

entering her patch of turf.

I saw the jagged Point Roadknight a few weeks ago

in a Facebook group.

This morning I found it myself.

Those astute photographers will note there

has been some Photoshop used on this image.

One day I hope to be able to use PS

without anyone being able to spot it.


Quayside at Williamstown with the

Melbourne skyline in the background.


Thursday’s Special: September-Words

17 thoughts on “THURSDAY’S SPECIAL-September-Words

  1. the verticals in the quayside is wonderful and my fav of the post – oh and I know what you mean about spotting PS – although I am one to “miss” edits and whatnot. For example, my spouse said, “Green screen was used” in a certain movie scene recently and I completely missed it…. some folks just have an eye for things – some can develop it – and some might never “see” – ha – and maybe they are the better for not noticing – perhaps?


    • The quayside shot is one of my favorites. I keep saying I will go back for a sunset or sunrise but as yet….. As for the green screen I think I have spoiled many moves for MGW when I pick up on those things. Or rewinding a DVD to make sure the actor WAS wearing the same clothes at the start of the scene/shot. Many, many years ago I was watching a tV Show about ou takes, continuity in movies etc. There was a BW movie where the scene had been shot at least twice. The actor was wearing a ‘tie pin/bar’. In one scene it was horizontal, in the second take it was at a 45 degree angle. The two takes were blended with a bouncing tie bar…. up and down as pats of each take were spliced together. I’m sure I miss many more than I see, but it is fun to see an error like that.

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      • Oh wow – they spliced it together ? Must have been pretty edgy tech for back then! And I would assume that nowadays they could use a digital tool for some correcting – but cool that you notice (or can tell) when green screens are used!
        And as noted – I miss them – but my annoyances come if the writing is poor – like if a stud director is hired to make a sequel (cos he directed some hits) but gets all cocky and forgets he actually needs a writer – um – no matter how good of a director or video editor (or green screen user) nothing makes up for poor writing (and by this I am referring to this year’s Jason Bourne movie.


      • It was fun editing home movies using ‘cut and splice’ in the 70s. Especially taking some film from a totally unrelated reel and splicing it into a new film, reel. Has been hard to get a good movie this year. Am off to see IT, this morning. Haven’t seen any other Stephen King based movies, that I recall, however, I do like his books.

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      • Well I hope the movie was enjoyable. 😉 and I’m not a fan of that genre – but saw Stephen King in a couple interviews and what a fantastic man he seemed like. Very cool – and such a good writer.


      • No knowing your age, Yvette, but suspecting you are younger than me, you may or may not have read or heard of Enid Blyton’s “Secret Seven” series of the 1950s and 1960s. About 7 children who solved…. “IT” as a bit like that. A group of children solved a puzzle of why children were going missing in a town where the rate of missing children was 6 times the national average…..and none of the adult population appeared to care. I did not have nightmares about clowns last night, although there is an out cry this morning about clowns being out of work partly due o IT’s scary clown. I have been to several movies during the winter and found them so entertaining that I fell asleep. no sleep was had yesterday morning…I can assure you of that. 🙂

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      • Wow / feel bad for the clown profession! Also – sounds lie a chilling movie – laughing at the movies that put u to sleep –
        And never heard of the secret seven (yes- I’m a bit younger)
        Thanks again for sharing even tho I will likely not see the movie – I watched an unexpectedly good movie this summer that left ya thinking – it was called “night crawlers” about a guy who gets independent news clips and starts to cross some ethical lines – well the writing was so good and action paced just so….. was pleasantly surprised


      • Enid Blyton wrote 15 Secret Seven books between 1949 and 1962. She also wrote the 22 Famous Five books both series feature a group of adolescents at best who saved the world. IT reminded me of the 5 and 7 books although the plot was far scarier than Enid ever wrote. Another thing that irked me was the fact that these kids who rode bicycles, would stop in the middle of an admittedly, deserted road, have a chat , decide to go ‘over there’ and drop their bikes where they stood and run off leaving 6 or 7 bicycles on the road. Society has taken or restricted what movies children can see due violence, language or sex scenes, however we still do not show basic respect for others in movies or TV series, etc. Seldom are the words please and/or thank you used in scripts. And when a parent tries to be a parent to an on screen child/teen, that is reprimanding them for doing wrong, the child invariably turns their back and walks/runs/storms away. Then society, at least Down Under, wonders why gangs of young people rob supermarkets (happened a few days ago), vandalize property etc. I could go on but won’t. That will be my rant for the week.

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      • well thanks for your rant – and I enjoyed reading it – and you are right. my pet peeve is when writers purposefully use “Jesus Christ” as a swear word or exclamation phase. and that is not even coming from a religious stance – it is a matter of poor choice. I once heard someone gripe that Jewish writers do it a lot – I dunno – but it irks me because it is careless and poor choice of words. So if you have a two hour movie – or 45 minute drama series – the words are limited and someone has to edit and leave in the use of Jesus Christ – when there are so many more words to use.
        but getting back to your manners topic and the modeling messages being sent to our youth – I could rant too….


  2. Excellent choice of bifurcated 🙂 I enjoyed your pictorial story a lot. Woolly. I am glad you found the spot. In digital photography all photos (if captured in RAW) need to be processed in some software or another. This is a good edit.


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