Jo’s Monday Walk


Lochnagar Crater

 Part 3…Women

Part 1: Lochnagar Crater

 Part 2 The Moles of Lochnagar

Part 3: The Women of The Great War

Part 4: Being Involved

This week is dedicated to all the women who

served during World War War I

Among the foxholes surrounding

Lochnagar Crater…

is perhaps the only

Western Front memorial

dedicated to…

the women who served in

the Great War.

The meorial was donated by

  Wenches in trenches

Click above or below for their website or

their Facebook Page

A simple…


but powerful memorial…

which describes the feelings of all who…


came in contact with the women…


of The Great War.

My Grandfather was one of those soldiers

who was thankful for skilled nursing staff

helping him back to good health

after being gassed on the Western Front.



Jo’s Monday Walk

13 thoughts on “Jo’s-Monday-Walk-Wk32_Lochnagar-Crater-Pt-3

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    • No. I haven’t, but I will keep my open for it now. however, I did read The First Casualty’ (a fictional romance set during WW I) by Ben Elton quite a few years back. i always thought that if half that book was true conditions would have been horrendous.

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      • Oh, an entirely different landscape…. Are you familiar with Paul Nash’s painting ‘The Menin Road’ or Gilbert Rogers’ Gassed ‘In arduis fidelis’ Both of which give us some idea of a new, desolate, damaged landscape, to say nothing of the human cost.


      • I have seen or heard of Menin Road, we may have driven along that road, however, I do have some photos of Western Front scenes in which my Grandfather features. Some of those shots do take in the desolate surrounds. I think the contrast of serene undulating hills covered in crops and being a war zone was the hardest to fathom.

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    • I would have thought the worst period in history for mothers, wives, girlfriends and families of soldiers, Jo. These days it would be just as bad for families, the only difference, as I see, would be that those notifications would be very few compared to the thousands each week of two World Wars. MY godson has recently enlisted and we all pray for his safety and that he is not posted to a trouble spot where all hell has broken out. Knowing him and with the words of his girlfriend ringing in my ears ‘…he is in it for the adventure…’

      Must confess to being focused on Lochnagar when I wrote that post.

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