Floral Friday17-1108


Floral Friday Challenge.


This Camellia  is one of the last living links we have to the  farm.

I think we purchased it in the mid to late 1990s.


MGW tells me it was one of the first things we bought.

So maybe late 1980s.

Ah!  Yes!

I remember it well!

We read that Camellias like some shade and promptly

planted it under the shade of a weeping willow we inherited.

During its time under the weeping willow

it produced one or two flowers each year.


Fast forward to September 2005 and it was time to move.

Yes, Camellia was coming also.

I dug it up and placed it with some care into a

ten litre (half 20) plastic drench drum.

For those wondering, drench is livestock medicine.

Two hundred kilometres in a drench drum on the trailer

and into a very exposed, at the time, garden bed.

September 29, 2005 was moving day so if it can last

a few more weeks it will, along with us celebrate

12 years in its new colder, wetter,

drier and hotter environment.

It just seems to thrive like no other camellia

we have purchased since our move.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday





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