Week 99


When I saw this challenge I immediately

thought of ‘Levels’ in Photoshop.
Levels I have not mastered in any way, shape or form.

However, this is the photo as taken…a bit dark.


I have altered the Red…

Green and…

Blue Output levels by a factor of 100.

As I said I have no idea of actually how

to improve a photo using the level settings.


Pic and Word Challenge: 99 Levels

9 thoughts on “Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk99_Levels

  1. <smile> Yes, this is a clever take on the challenge.

    Photoshop … its a powerful tool. And as with most powerful tools in computing, it’s complex and not always very intuitive to novice users — or even seasoned ones. I’ve been using it since the mid ’90s, and 20 years later I would hardly consider myself an expert.

    I do suggest taking the tutorials offered by Adobe, beginning at the beginning. Layers and Levels will come along very early in that process.

    Also, Lynda.com offers some very useful tutorials.

    Your D7100 is capable of creating images in RAW format. If you’re not already editing with RAW you will be stunned by how much visual information is available in the shadows…

    I kinda like how dark the original is, btw. There is a very pensive mood to it. Though… it might be interesting to tease a little detail out of the darkest shadows.

    So much tool; so much power; so much to learn. Still learning. =)


    • Thank for the information and encouragement Patrick. I rather liked to first one as well, especially considering the go that was around. Although I must confess to having an urgent desire to jump the fence a chop down that little tree in the foreground even though it does frame the reflection. 🙂 I do shoot in JPEG and/or RAW and however, most of my advances have been self taught and therefore not sure if anything I do is the most efficient way. If that makes sense. I will check out he Adobe tuorials…seems logical place to start. Just hope they cater for Elements as many online tuts use the full version (I think) which has a totally different interface, it seems.

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      • You’re most welcome.

        Yep. Elements offers a subset of full photoshop functionality. And its interface is significantly different, being designed for a more casual user.

        You are aware that the pro versions of Photoshop, Lightroom, Camera RAW and Bridge are available as a *package* for just a $10/month subscription from Adobe?

        Lightroom has a fair bit of power to it, and most of its tool options are operated by sliders. This makes it easy to use and easier to learn than Photoshop.

        I do most of my editing in Lightroom these days, and primarily use photoshop for its more advanced features, when I really need to work an image over to get what I want.


      • Wasn’t really aware that there was a package of programs for that price. In the past I have tried to buy programs. As for Lightroom…I did use a trial version of it, however I found the writing/labels were too small and did not contrast enough with the background. At lest that is how I remember it. Whereas I found Photoshop more user friendly to me. Although it is hard to use if you don’t know how!!! Many of camera club colleagues swear by one or both.

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