Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-17Wk32-0608


Odd Ball

Week 32, 2017


This past week we have had to heavy fogs.

Geelong’s main Street at 0724 on Thursday.

Nearby by Avalon Airport was closed for four hours.

A plane from Sydney, about a 60 minute flight,

took two and a half hours because it could land.

Twelve circuits of Avalon,

tried to land and aborted at 250 feet.

Number 1 Son was booked on a 0900 flight

and did not get away until 1300.

Behind that fog is a beach and a yacht club marina.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-Week-32








For sometime MGW has been telling me of a lookout

on the outskirts of Geelong which would be

good for photography.

 The lookout over looks Queen’s Park Golf Course

and the Barwon River.

On Wednesday morning I set off thinking I might get

some half decent shots of trees breaking through the fog.

I was on site by 0700 for a 0730 sunrise.

This shot was taken around 0840 with finger tips

totally numb and  having little or no control or strength

in my right hand due to the cold.

My car said it was -1 degree Celsius.

I have never been so happy to return to my car and warm up.

 The fog just kept rolling up the valley into my face

and did not lift until near midday.


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