Our first day in Venice…

we took a slow ride on a gondola around

the canals of Venice.

The following morning we took an

equally slow walk around St Mark’s Square,

followed by an even slower coffee

while rain tumbled down.


Thursday’s Special: Slow

9 thoughts on “THURSDAY’S SPECIAL-Slow

  1. Yeah it was rainy when we were there too… but it made for less people in the streets, so kind of compensated in a way! And the city still remains beautiful in the rain


  2. I didn’t go on a gondola ride in Venice, I found them a tad overpriced and overrated, but I’ve heard so many people say it is a unique experience… perhaps I’ll change my mind next time 😉 You seem to have enjoyed it, right?


    • We did enjoy our gondola ride, however, may not be ready to jump into one again. I’m not sure if it was an inclusion or not. I probably think, not, as many things were optional extras so we may have paid for it (earlier) as an extra without taking a great deal of notice of price. A once in a lifetime trip and all that. Apart from the fact that it was fun, the thing we remember most was the odours of, perhaps, stagnant water. That was the only downside as by this time we had been travelling for over a week and knew all other members of our group fairly well and we all had a great time and many laughs while on the cruise/ride.


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