Jo’s Monday Walk


Serre Road Cemetery No-2

 Part 1

Serre Road Cemetery is another one

of our first visited cemeteries. 

The site of this Cemetery was on one of the

most heavily defended sections of

the German Front Line.


I was stunned by the entrance to this cemetery.

It seems that no Nation has spared any expense

in remembering those who gave their lives

during The Great War.

I have previously mentioned how easy it is

to locate a grave in these cemeteries.

In the entrance to each and every cemetery we visited

you will find this sight.

 Behind each door is a register with

rows and graves identified.

So, if yo know which cemetery are person is buried in

finding their grave is very easy.

The saddest part of visiting this cemetery is the fact

that such a large proportion of those who….

gave up their life during  the Great War remain,

in this cemetery, remain unidentified.

Many headstones are simply engraved

‘A soldier of The Great War’

with Rudyard Kipling’s inscription

‘Known Unto God’

at the base.

Because there were enough remains to identify

the Soldier in the left grave as being a member of

the ‘London Rifle Brigade’,

the Brigade’s crest/motto is

also included on the headstone.


Private Rowe was lucky in as much as

he was able to be identified.


I am not sure if the middle grave belongs to a

German National who was fighting for he British Army,

or was simply an unidentifiable German soldier

who was interred in Sere Road Cemetery.

My guess is the latter.



Jo’s Monday Walk

4 thoughts on “Jo’s-Monday-Walk-Wk27_Serre-Rd_No-2_Cemetery

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  3. I count myself lucky not to know personally anyone who died in this war, Woolly. It’s incredibly sobering to look at the numbers involved. Many thanks for the link. 🙂 🙂


    • Agree totally…brought a limp to my throat on several occasions and like you, I did not have relatives, that I am aware of, who lost their lives. It’s just the futile nature of war. The people who declare/d war are/were usually so far away from the front line…talking about acceptable numbers of casualties.

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