Travel Theme-Decadent




Travel Theme.


By the time we reached Palace of Versailles last year…we were almost used to viewing…

decadent sights such as these.

The general feeling was that…

 it was no wonder that there had been a revolution

when so much was held by so few.

Come to think of it not much different

to the world today!


Where’s My Backpack: Decadent



9 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Decadent

    • I think I saw on YouTube, a while back, that if one had money in the bank, a roof over your head and three meals a day, you were in the top two percent of wealthiest people in the world. Think the figures are right, all from memory of several years ago….makes you think though.

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      • Yeah, that’s probably true. Development is heavily skewed in a number countries around the world. For example in Asia, aside from Japan, it would be pockets of advanced economies in little city spots like ours. China and India alone have a long way to go.


      • To some extent, it is credit. In the less developed countries, credit is not given. So there is no “leverage”. Even in advanced economies it is the same,. The poor often have no access to credit. On the other hand while some societies seem wealthy there is often an equal amount of debt behind it!


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