Jo’s Monday Walk


Heath Cemetery

While I traveled along the Chunnel to Lille two weeks ago

I struck up a conversation with

my wife’s cousin on Facebook.

She  sent me names of three of her uncles

who perished during World War 1.
Our first stop was Heath Cemetery.

It is nice to know the French people have donated

land for War Grave Cemeteries.

However it is also sad to think that so much land

has been donated to remember the fallen.

I thought it would take all of us all day

walking around looking at headstones.

However it is far easier to find a grave than I thought and I mention that in a later post.

It took about two minutes to find

Sergeant Major Patterson’s grave.

On each grave is the soldier’s

service number, rank, name, unit,

date of their death and their age.

Sergeant Major at age 23, in this case.

 I had to darken the photo to read the text.

The rose to my right makes a good

identifying marker in later shots.

Three rows back and the rose is clearly visible.


Near top right hand corner the rose is still visible

even if Sergeant Major Patterson’s grave

is just out of shot.

The verse at the bottom of each headstone is verse which each family decided to place on their relatives grave.

Looking back to the gate upon which we entered.  Three rows back….

 As we drove away there was still a feeling of

sadness even though I was not

related to any of them.

Such an utter waste of life.



Jo’s Monday Walk

18 thoughts on “Jo’s-Monday-Walk-Wk24-Heath-Cemetery

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      • Hill 62, yes. I think I found that site the most sobering of all…helped, I think that we were almost the only people there when we visited around 2 decades ago, off season. If it were crowded, it would have given a different mood….


      • I found the whole experience sobering. To see front lines only about 20-30 feet apart at Hill 60…admittedly for only a short distance. But even as they separated they were still within throwing distance of each other. Like you we were lucky that there were very few, if any, other tourists around. Not sure of Hill 62, but Hill 60 has been left as it was at the end of the war.

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      • The point you made about the distance between the trenches is the thing that struck me most at Hill 62….and this has been left as it was at the end of the war


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