6 thoughts on “THURSDAY’S SPECIAL-Portrait-vs-Landscape

    • Hi Paula,
      Were were visiting the Somme battlefields and travelling between the Ayette Indian and Chinese Cemetery, D7, 62116 Ayette, France
      and the
      Serre Road Cemetery no.2, D919, 62116 Hébuterne, France

      Along that road, just north of Serre Road Cemetery is the Cimetière National de Serre Hébuterne, D919, 62116 Beaumont-Hamel, France

      The Church, according to Google, is opposite the Cemetery.

      A picture of this Church appears to be included in the website gallery. I used the word appears because I am sure there are many similar looking churches in France. However, this one is on the road we traveled.

      We subsequently visited Thiepval

      Apologies for the detailed answer. I had to use Google and photos of Cemeteries either side of the Church to track it down. It was simply a ‘through the window drive by shot‘…we did not stop.

      Unfortunately many places will need to be relocated in a similar manner as we seemed to cover a lot of ground and places…particularly on the first (Somme) day.


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