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Run You Down

(Rebekah Roberts #2)

Julia Dahl


In the beginning I found Run You Down a bit slow.  However, it soon developed into an interesting story.

Reporter Rebekah Roberts is still searching for her mother, when her job takes into the lives of people who eventually commit some horrific acts of violence.  No spoiler.

There passages of Run You Down which I think could have been left on the editor’s floor.  However, all in all Run You Down is another look into the lives of people of Jewish faith in contemporary America.

Young Rebekah is again the central figure along with several other characters from Invisible City, the first book in the series.  While Run You Down works quite well as a standalone novel my recommendation would be to read Invisible City first as characters mentioned in Invisible City are expanded upon in Run You Down.

My initial evaluation of Run You Down was that it would struggle to gain a three star rating.  As I said it seemed a bit slow early on.  By the time I finished reading Run You Down, I was happy with my four star rating.

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Run You Down

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