Have opted for Golden Hour photos

at either end of the day.

Only a matter of weeks ago and probably

through our living room window.

 An African setting sun.

However we did not stop to take a sunset photo.

We were photographing the leopard lying on the limb

in the top right hand corner.

Below is a cropped and over brightened

version of that image.This was only taken to give some context to the sighting.

All other photos the leopard is quite visible.

I have often said that I would have gone home happy,

on this, the third day of our Safari.

Then things only got better.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Golden-hour


Floral Friday17-2605


Floral Friday Challenge.


A couple of weeks ago it was Mother’s Day and

both boys arrived for afternoon tea bearing flowers.

About thirty seconds after handing over their flowers,

they popped the inevitable questions…

“Who’s your favourite son Mum?  

Who  has the best flowers?”

These images were taken a week after the event

and it appeared No 1 Son small bouquet

was an easy winner.

The carnations and roses were

beginning to look sad in

Number 2 Son’s arrangement.

Now,however, all the liliums have opened.

The carnations are still hanging in and

one or both flowers have a strong perfume/scent.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday