The only thing better than having a lioness

look down the barrel of one’s lens…
from a distance no greater than twenty feet…

was to spend…

twenty minutes or more

photographing her six week old cubs.  

There were two….but the other was a male!


Thursday’s Special: Female

15 thoughts on “THURSDAY’S SPECIAL-2505_Female

  1. I honestly cannot believe that lioness didn’t leap over and give you a talking to. After all I’ve heard about not coming near cubs, you could have really been in harm’s way. Maybe she saw the camera and understood! 🙂


    • I’m sure she would have done so if we had not been in a vehicle. However, as we were stationary and the cubs came to us. She may also have been glad of some baby sitters for a while as they were using her tail as a toy…biting hard as they could. She had her chance in the first two shots. We drove round a corner in the track, she was nearly on the road, not sure who got biggest fright Limpy or our driver. She only moved ten to fifteen feet away ans sat a looked. I had goose bumps all over me wen she turned and looked into my camera. Sadly she contract tuberculosis and had to be euthanized eleven months later.

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      • My goose bumps came from the thought of of ‘what a wonderful photo’ for me. There was no fear or feeling of danger. Just this beautiful lioness looking into to my camera lens for just one frame of around twenty or so. Then she turned away and yelled at the kids. Al this happened three or four nights prior to meeting her cubs. Both encounters wonderful experiences.

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