Jo’s Monday Walk



I am running so late with this post, this week…

that I will restrict commentary to the bare minimum.

We had some free time and were…

able to wander around enjoying the sites

as we happened upon them.

I still marvel at the workmanship involved in…

creating the statues and fountains of Europe.


Fortunately we were able to find a place

to sit, rest and have a quiet coffee when required.



Jo’s Monday Walk

12 thoughts on “Jo’s-Monday-Walk-Wk20_Vienna

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  2. Jo, I saw Vienna and wished I could be there, the walk with you was wonderful and full of beauty and magnificent views. Thanks and hope you will have a great weekend, I am at the library discovering all the blogs which somehow don’t show up on my cellphone. It says I still am following you, but am an errant visitor and friend. . .


  3. The sculptures look wonderful, Woolly. Vienna has managed to avoid me so far, but I’ll track it down one of these days. 🙂 🙂 No worries about what day you post. You’re always welcome.


    • We would love to go back to many of the European towns and cities we visited, Jo. However, I don’t think that will happen in the near future. Well, at least after my Western Front visit.


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