Jo’s Monday Walk



I am running so late with this post, this week…

that I will restrict commentary to the bare minimum.

We had some free time and were…

able to wander around enjoying the sites

as we happened upon them.

I still marvel at the workmanship involved in…

creating the statues and fountains of Europe.


Fortunately we were able to find a place

to sit, rest and have a quiet coffee when required.



Jo’s Monday Walk

THURSDAY’S SPECIAL-1905_Traces-of-the-Past

Although this shed is close to Geelong…

each time I pass it, I am reminded of Dad’s first wool shed.  

I don’t really remember shearing sheep in that old shed it was

used for many years to store bales of hay.  

 After the hay was used it was deemed that the

old blue-stone woolshed had passed its used by date.  

We did keep the blue-stone wall.

However the new owner saw fit to raze the area.


 Again only about an hour’s drive from Geelong.

This building is very similar to the old store in my hometown.

The main similarity now is that both are unused.

 I imagine that the locals would gather on the seat

out front of this house and chat away

the summer evenings and warm winter days.

Nowadays, however, everyone is much to busy

for that kind of lifestyle.


Thursday’s Special: Traces of the Past