Black and White Challenge:



First a couple of shots from the town… in which I was born and called my

shopping centre until 2005…


Home to thousands of tourist/holiday makers

during late December through to early February.

Last, but not least the Xanthorrhoea.

Commonly known as the Grass Tree these days.

I have included the colour version below as it

provides a better image of the Grass Tree.

You can also see one to the left and, I think,

another to the right of the central tree.

Common names for Xanthorrhoea include grasstree, grass gum-tree (for its resin-yielding species), and blackboy, based on the purported similarity in appearance of the trunked species to an Aboriginal man holding an upright spear.    The last name is now considered offensive to Aborigines, or at least belonging to the past.

Source: WikiPedia

Wikipedia calls for a citation, to clarify the information,

at the end of this information.

However, it is unclear what exactly is to be clarified

I have never heard Xanthorrhoea referred to as Grass Gum Trees.

I have been told they only grow about ONE inch per year

My guess is that the Grass Tree in the foreground

has a trunk between two and three feet in height.


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Wordless Wednesday17_1805_New-Holland-Honey_Eater

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On Tuesday I managed to capture a few shots of…
our New Holland Honey Eaters
hard at work…

in the remnants of our Grevillea blooms.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday

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