Jo’s Monday Walk


Salzburg – 2

A Few shots from our walk around Salzburg.
This sign announcing Salzburg University

looked like a work of art.

And the dates, like this, on buildings are

never seen in Australia.

1360…over four hundred years

before Australia was settled.


Craftmanship of this door.

Love the workmanship in all the fountains…

although this horse does look like it is pain.

By the time we sighted these blokes my feet

were voting to hire one of them.



Jo’s Monday Walk

One Word Photo Challenge-Food



Some of my favourite food sources are…

Grapes in  summer…

bread all year round.

This is known as ‘mouse bread’ in our household.

Finally, hanging on our tree are a

very few oranges waiting to ripen.

Would be easier and cheaper to buy them.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Food