Week 86


There were many times about twelve months ago…
when scenes like this left us wondering

if Candi would survive her first year.


But those scenes soon morphed into these scenes

and they are now great friends.

There is only one exception to that rule…

two dogs wanting to chew the same bone

does cause some problems.


Pic and Word Challenge: 86 Hate

Black and White Tuesday17-0905-Cemetery2


Black and White Tuesday


Some more cemetery shots..
This head stone caught my eye because

of the child’s age…so young.

I guess we have been fortunate in that respect.

In 1980 I went for a walk in the Auckland Cemetery

and saw what appeared to be whole families

wiped out within  days of each other.

I wonder why…or how?


By today’s standards even 70 is a short enough life span.


A flower holder?

At least it does not blow over with a gust of wind



Hope you enjoyed.