I’m not sure if we are to take one word

each week of the month, however,

this week I have chosen Serene. 

After climbing to the top of Mount Rigi

what better way to return to Lucerne

than via a very serene cruise.

We were able to observe the locals and tourists alike…

enjoying the pleasures of the Lake

on a sunny summer day.


Thursday’s Special: Serene

5 thoughts on “THURSDAY’S SPECIAL-0405_Serene

  1. Hello Woolly, you may take one word every week of the month, but the idea was to pick a word among 5 offered words for the weekly challenge. Many participants choose more or all 5 🙂 You may always ask me if you are not sure. Lucerne looks beautiful. I love Alps in the background. Thank you so much for your offering.


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