Black and White Challenge:



I have resorted to  nature for S and T this week.

Part of a coastal area known as

Thunder Point at Warrnambool

on Victoria’s South West Coastline.

 Warrnambool was my/our shopping centre

for 55 years of my life.

It is a 200 kilometre drive, as the crow flies, from Geelong


 Sunrise over Geelong,

through our living room window,

Friday May 05, 2017.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Letters-S-or-T




One Word Photo Challenge-Floor



The photo could be better,

however, under the circumstances…

In 2014 we returned to Africa.

This time we flew all the way with QANTAS

from Melbourne to Johannesburg, via Sydney.

The flight path was over, or near, the 65th parallel of latitude

making the floor of the world…

the Antarctica ice pack…

visible for a short period during the flight.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Floor