Week 85


While there does not appear to be…much movement in this shot,

I can assure you that the subject

was moving quite quickly

across my field of view.

More visible movement as

Candi lunges to catch the rope.


Pic and Word Challenge: 85 Movement

8 thoughts on “Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk85_Movement

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    • I don’t think she did that time, but it is remarkable how she catches while running with the flight now. I have never seen a Kelpie play fetch at all (before Candi), let alone, be hooked on it. Then again, my previous Kelpies were not encouraged to this type of thing. They were trained to round up mobs of sheep quickly and efficiently and in all truthfulness would not have had the energy or inclination to chase a bit of rope. 🙂

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