Weekly Photo Challenge-Wanderlust



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Some previously unpublished photos

from some of the cities we visited

during our travels last September.
Brugges or is it Bruge?

I m never sure and would love to hear/see

how locals spell the name.

No visit to Amsterdam would be complete

without visiting a diamond cutting factory.

Rhineland-Black Forest region.





Finally, Venice.



17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Wanderlust

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  2. Wonderful memories! I can offer the German name of Bruges/Brugge to your collection 🙂 In German it is “Brügge” (which is similar to our word for bridge: “Brücke” – and there is an ethymological connection I’m told. As far as I know, Bruges ist the French name, Brugge is the Flamish name, so Belgians call it either way but since Brügge is in the West Flanders part of Belgium the “local locals” call it Brugge. This is definitively on my list more so than any Italian or Spanish town.


  3. That’s really cool you were able to visit so many cities 🙂 I visited Florence a few years ago and loved it so much! Which one was your favorite?


    • I loved Brugges 😀 I just loved its fountain although after reading a novel called, “I, Mona Lisa” I would have loved to have spent more time in Florence. However, this could also be said of other cities as well. I was told beforehand ‘you will be on the road all the time’. And that was true! However, we did visit the main tourists attractions…along with thousands of others.

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