Not quite sure if my first image

fits the juxtaposition theme…

However, it does portray the very new and

the very old station building.

This is probably a better fit.

Three forms of transport around Melbourne.

The third being the tram in the background.


Thursday’s Special: Juxtaposition

3 thoughts on “THURSDAY’S SPECIAL-Juxtaposition

  1. Now, that I am looking at all the entries I am so glad I gave you this theme. The examples are fascinating and original. It’s so cool to see how everybody thinks and interprets. Thank you very much, Woolly. There is a lot to like about both photos, and I like the first one just a bit more.


    • Thank you for those kind words. Wasn’t sure if I had hit the mark or not. The first one is Geelong North Railway Station, where I usually catch a train to Melbourne. And, by the way, only just realised that this train is leaving for Melbourne.


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