Weekly Photo Challenge-Surprise



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Recently it was our 30th wedding anniversary.
MGW surprised me with a hot air balloon flight

over Melbourne…scheduled for Friday April 7.

After a Friday’s cancellation all was good to go

yesterday Wednesday.

So, as the moon was setting…

our balloons were being filled with hot air…

in preparation for our journey.

Flame like this generated quite a lot of heat

which kept us warm on a chilly morning.

Due to the wind direction we did not go

directly over Melbourne’s

Central Business District.

However we would not have been able to capture

this image of a city waking to the new day, if we had.

A very memorable wedding anniversary surprise.



Black and White Tuesday17-1104


Black and White Tuesday

 April 12, 2017


Last week I did not post any photos

as it was our wedding anniversary.

However I did mention that we were going

hot air ballooning over Melbourne on Friday.

We were told at 0400 on Friday that our balloon ride

had been cancelled due to strong winds.

 So, after rescheduling for Wednesday morning

and watching weather forecasts every hour

for the past 5 days…

we finally got the nod at 0400 this morning…

and these were some of the sights.

What appears to be a large light in the left of shot

is the morning sun reflecting off one of

Melbourne’s taller buildings.



Hope you enjoyed.