Jo’s Monday Walk2017-Wk-14


Leaving Lucerne we journeyed on to Salzburg.

The Salzburg Bridge which is…

covered with locks was one of the first attraction

we were guided to during our walk.

There is a similar (roughly) pedestrian bridge in Melbourne,

where the locks are being removed for safety (weight) reasons.

Across the bridge is a hotel the likes of which

I have not seen in Australia.

Then on to some o the narrow lane ways and streets

where all merchants have nice signs or symbols

of their trade hanging outside their premises.

  Although language was proving a bit of a barrier

one of these signs appears to be the same

all over the world.



Jo’s Monday Walk

6 thoughts on “Jo’s-Monday-Walk2017-Wk14-Salzburg-1

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    • This was my first time across the Channel so cannot compare. I am just surprised that any of these major towns are not showing the effects of war…or at least none that we were shown.


  2. It’s a wonder some of these bridges aren’t bowed in the middle, Woolly! I remember Salzburg in the rain from many years ago, and the horses wearing raincoats. 🙂 Many thanks for sharing. Glorious Spring here in the Algarve!


    • I am glad we do not have those memories of Europe. Venice and Pompeii were our only two wet days in three weeks…wet but not cold. The rest of the time it was like being on a movie set….no wind or rain and everyone smiling and happy.

      Ust had a quick look and Algarve (37Nth) is near enough to the same latitude (38Sth) we are on.

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