Week 81


This was the sight that greeted us

on our first morning in Botswana, 2014.

One of my favourite reflection images.

Only trouble with the above image is that it is upside down.

Note the long thin branches run down

at 45 degrees on the left hand side.

Right way up…those branches are on the RHS

and I have included a fence post in the foreground.


Pic and Word Challenge: 81 Reflections

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-17Wk-14


Odd Ball

Week 14, 2017


Gone fishing.

The Barwon River was certainly suffering

from ‘tide’s out’ syndrome last week, at Barwon Heads.

And after paddling in the ocean/beach, at Cairns,

in 2012 and wondering why no one else was

enjoying the water you won’t find me out there.

No-one else was in the beach at Cairns because

there were/are salt water crocodiles around.

And here I thought we only had fresh water crocs.

No crocodiles, that I am aware of, this far south,

but we do have a shark or two floating around.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-Week-14