Floral Friday17-2403-Naples2


Floral Friday Challenge.


A few more shots from Naples’…

 Grand Hotel, La Pace


I am not sure if this is a very good painting or

the real deal.

That is a potted plant.

Either way it looks good, in my opinion.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday





4 thoughts on “Floral Friday17-2403-Naples2

    • I hope to post a Worless Wdnesday post shortly of my BW Thursday post soon.. The BW does not do it justice.


      And as all things on our trip we were only in town for a ‘short time’….seemed a bit like a cruise liner stop. Arrive for dinner and bed…up at 0600 for breakfast and on the road by 0800. There are many cities I would love to revisit for at lest a week.

      My best memories of London (1976) are when I spent a week or so just absorbing one or two sights per day. In fact Dubai was more relaxing , on our way home, as we were our own travel director. one or two activities per day at our pace.


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