Black and White Challenge:



These Impala at their watering hole was one

of our first 2013 sightings…

  in Kruger National Park…

 This Jackal was too nervous to come

too close to us in Botswana, 2014.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Letters-I-or-J






Two Materials


In 1988 I used very few materials to construct…
a kennel for Brandy who features at the bottom

of my Black and White Tuesday page.

Twelve months ago, with two new pups on the way

it was decreed a new kennel, or two, was required.


Off to the hardware store to purchase

some treated pine planks or palings.

The frame is made from salvaged pine 4 by 2s

which were being thrown away during

the construction of our house.

At the time I told MGW  ‘…they will be handy, one day…’

Really it’s a wonder her eyes did not roll

out of her head on the spot.

However, guess who had last laugh…and

it only took eleven years for that wood to ‘come in handy.’

The floor is also dressed pine.

So we have….treated pine, building pine,

some nails and did you notice

that fine piece of ridging in photo number 3?

Also end views in numbers 2 and 5.

Another of my salvages from 2005!

Enough said, me thinks.  🙂

Even dear old Maggie gave my handiwork the paws up!


A Photo a Week Challenge: Two Materials