Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-17Wk-10_Waltzing


Odd Ball

Week 10, 2017


While having dinner one night in Vienna,

I received a tap on the shoulder and was asked to dance.

So with an almighty language barrier preventing much conversation

I spent the next five minutes shuffling around

on a carpeted floor, in rubber soled shoes,

with a woman who was clearly a better dancer than I.

I won’t even mention that the area was about two feet wide

and waiters were continually hurrying to and from

their destinations every few minutes.


When the music stopped I was presented with this certificate,

‘from the Academy’ as wait staff told me.

It’s not often I get a certificate, for anything.

MGW gets a certificate every tine she has to renew her first aid.

My work place did not to hand out records of evidence to participating staff,

despite wanting evidence that we had completed the required courses.

 Hence one of us has a huge pile of work related certificates

and one has many less.

So, I am trying to hang on to this one for dear life and

decided to photograph it in case of damage.

This may be my ”oddest,” Odd Ball. 😀


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-10







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